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Mapex Janus Double Pedal

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#1 SpeedNinja


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Posted 27 June 2012 - 08:23 AM

Just scored a working Janus double pedal, with soft case. Got the pedal itself cheap, but the shipping is brutal. It's coming from Bath, so it should be clean.

Pics when it gets here.

#2 SpeedNinja


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Posted 02 July 2012 - 06:25 PM

Well, it's not exactly clean, but it plays well. Only took five days to come in. That's faster than I get things from California. Looks to me like a vast majority of the parts from the Janus stuff are being reused on the Falcon and Raptor pedals. I got a few pics unpacking it. I'll get more when I have time and space to set it up with some drums, and the transmission-hat. The foot board "bump" plates weren't included, but I'm not too worried about that as it felt awkward on the trans-hat I have.

You can see the differences in the two pedals in the hoop clamp area. One has the clamp, the other a spike plate. Also, the heel plates have heel plates!!!

Something else I noticed: Unless there's an alignment pin or something, I believe the main pedal is singly supported, like the Raptor double pedal.

As for how it plays... It's not a fast pedal, but I still have room to crank down on the springs. It's got the typical slop and wobble of a chain drive pedal. No surprise there. In spite of the chain drive, it still feels solid. It's kinda like an Iron Cobra (Power Glide... isn't that a GM transmission?), but slightly less lively. It hits hard though. Given its similarity to the Raptor, if I can get those parts tracked down, I may DD convert these too.

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#3 Augie


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Posted 11 July 2012 - 09:02 PM

First Mapex pedal I purchased was a Janus, first pedal I ever took back also... Too heavy for both carrying and playing for me. Playing doubles on a single was almost impossible unless you were doing some slow ass doubles.. Nice looking pedals however :) let us know how the direct drive turns out Mike. Let me know if you can line up the beaters on those doubles too :D

#4 SpeedNinja


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Posted 12 July 2012 - 07:53 PM

It does have a heavy feel. I mostly got it to match up with the trans-hat system. So I'm not too worried about carrying it... unless by some miracle I end up playing out again and want to use it.

I might not have a chance to get back to the drum shop until the semester ends. Hopefully Mapex has their email system sorted out so I can get the part numbers and order some. I'm hoping that DD cam will liven them up a bit. The spring assembly looks overly complicated too. I'm half tempted to see if Tama IC spring stuff fits so I can have the quick disconnect and get rid of the issue that sent the Janus line to the scrap heap to begin with.

The beaters came nearly lined up from the PO... but I'm not sure they're supposed to be, on any double pedal.

#5 SpeedNinja


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Posted 23 September 2012 - 05:42 PM

Went to a buddy's apartment to play a little (very little) and decided to take the Janus stuff to save a little space since it was cramped. Went to pack everything up at the end and noticed the heel pin had slid 1/3 of the way out on the main pedal. It doesn't really hold in there at all. Picked up the slave side out of the case (wasn't using it) and the pin was sliding out of it too. I don't know how I missed this before.

Someone has definitely knocked the pins out of the heel plates and replaced the spacer bushings between the foot board and heel plate. They must have stretched the aluminum out when they did this. Not sure what I should do to fix this. I could get larger pins (probably the right solution). I could also cut the pins down a little and hold them in place with set screws on either side if I tap the heel plate out to thread it.

Any suggestions? I'll probably run into the same issue restoring the P750 double I have too, unless I scavenge the P700 single pedals, and upgrade the 550 series hi-hat stand too.

Other than that, the attachment for the chains on the Janus footboard looked a little sketchy too. There was some slop in the slave side. Not sure if that was in the trans-hat or in the linkage part. I'll have to figure that out too.

And Augie was right. The Janus pedal is slooooooooow. I got this stuff more for how neat it is, and maybe to practice with at home. It definitely won't cut it playing intense metal. I was going to sell my Axis pedal, but it looks like I should hold onto it for a while.

#6 Gearhead


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Posted 24 September 2012 - 03:25 PM

I could also cut the pins down a little and hold them in place with set screws on either side if I tap the heel plate out to thread it.

I'd do something like this, or stake it in there somehow.
Did I miss something??

#7 SpeedNinja


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Posted 24 September 2012 - 08:36 PM

or stake it in there somehow.

Randomly today I thought of running the pins through a brass sleeve, then shove that in there (might have to drill the aluminum out some). Should put the stress on the brass to help relieve the aluminum a little. Just have to find thin enough brass... better dig up the calipers. If the aluminum on these pedals is that notoriously soft, I'd hate to thread them and have that strip out too.

... or... Maybe it's the nylon bushings between the heel plate and foot board that fit really tight to the pin. Those rotted out and now nothing really holds the pin in place. I need to go check the 750 series pedal and see if that's any different...

#8 SpeedNinja


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Posted 28 September 2012 - 09:40 PM

I started comparing the Janus and older P750 stuff to each other. With the heel pins in, the Janus pedal has a negligible amount of play and the P750 has a TON of play. The pins on the Janus slide right out, and I'm going to have to use a BFH and punch to get the pins out of the P750. The way the footboard and heel plate fit together are opposite between the two pedals. In the heel plate part of the Janus, it has a flanged sleeve bearing on either side (probably bronze), but the P750 seems to be missing that in the footboard. I've seen these crack and fall out of car door hinges, so that doesn't surprise me. Now the P750 does have some nylon bushings/washers that are not present on the Janus. I'm sure we're all familiar with nylon/plastic parts disintegrating, so no surprise there either. The Nylon bushings do not appear to hold the pin in place on the P750.

Let me take a picture of this to make it more clear... sonofabitch... Well I just figured out why the pins are falling out of the Janus pedal. There are set pins on either side of the footboard that hold the heel pin in place. I'm going to get some nylon washers to hold everything stable laterally, clean it all up, and cram a bunch of graphite in there before I put it back together. Might be a little bit of a pain getting the screws out of the heel block, but everything else will be fairly simple.

Checking the P750 I can see it also has set pins (that part is slightly raised off the solid footboard). They are under the heel plate, given the oppositeness of the pedals. I guess I should pull those out and stuff some of the flanged sleeve bearings in the footboard. Then I'll have to do something about the single chain crap to prevent it from happening again.

On a side note, the Janus Transmission Hat definitely uses the same DD cam that the Raptor has. The DD linkage looks to be different (in shape, and I assume it's longer on the Raptor). The DD linkages appear to use the same bolts and bearings between the two. Then there's the little attachment block on the bottom side which is entirely different. Still working on getting those parts/assemblies to try a conversion. If I can pull it off on the Janus then I'll order two more sets to do the P750 double and the two P700 singles that I have. There might be some adapting as the Raptor pedal seems to have a narrower space at the toe end of the footboard than I initially thought (closer to the P350 double that I gave to a friend before buying the P750 double as a "better" option... damnit). So I might shell out for a matching hi-hat stand for the P750 double pedal because I'm OCD like that.

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#9 SpeedNinja


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Posted 09 October 2012 - 09:57 PM

I ordered some plastic washers while I was getting the bearing for my other pedal. All that finally came in. I had to shave out the ID a little so the pin could go through, but it closed the gap a bit between the footboard and heel plate. The set pins probably need to be replaced. Either the head of the bolt is stripped, or the threads in the footboard are. I noticed holes drilled/tapped in the heel plate for set pins as well, so that is an option if the threads are gone. I'll keep an eye on them to see if the pins slide out again.

There's still some play in the pedal, but not much. I couldn't squeeze another washer in there. Probably should've put new bearings in it. As mentioned in my other thread, they don't make the exact size and these aren't bad enough to warrant replacement. If I can get the DD parts ordered, that should take care of the play at the toe end.

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